Course description

The course will provide fundamentals for structural biology applications for redox events in proteins such as post-translational oxidative modifications, aggregation and redox catalysis. A problem-based focus will show how structural biology approaches can be applied to understand and resolve functional aspects in model proteins. Methods to be discuss includes: Resonance Raman, X-ray crystallography, Molecular Dynamics, EPR, Fluorescence, Circular Dichroism , NMR.

Session Topics

The Multiple lives of cytochrome c
Superoxide dismutation: how to be a hyper-efficient enzyme
Performing redox reactions with fast protein thiols
Redox processes in protein aggregation

Invited Professors

Alejandro Buschiazzo, Institut Pasteur de Montevideo
Darío Estrín, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Richard Garratt, Universidad de San Pablo
Luciana Hannibal, Freiburg University
Daniel Murgida, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Javier Santos, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Alejandro Vila, Universidad Nacional de Rosario
Applicants and How to Apply
The course is directed to advanced PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and young researchers.
Financial support is available for a number of selected regional students to cover transportation
and lodging.
Deadline: September, 10th.

For inquires and application please write to Dr. Rafael Radi:
More information:

Fecha de inicio
11 de Noviembre del 2017

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